Services Done For You


Educational Tours

Our Tours travel to wilderness areas on the Highveld, in the Mountains, the Coast, the Lowveld, the Cape and Overseas. The outcomes are; Bonding, Fun, Education, Adventure and Leadership. With a focus on environment both for Primary Schools and High Schools.


Tour Marketing

We provide comprehensive tour marketing to your students and their parents. According to what we've learned from experience, a presentation is effective in motivating children and winning over their parents. We use video and images to highlight each site and any accompanying excursions. Even if you are simply considering a tour, it is a terrific opportunity to gauge interest without any commitment.


Tour Safety

The welfare of each tour participant is a top priority at OEEA. We put in a lot of effort to give teachers and kids once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but we also care about getting everyone back home safely. Our infrastructure for safety and support has been a crucial part of our operation and is extremely important to us.


Tour Value

We organize educational tours for school learners to teach them new skills, increase their knowledge and change attitudes, so that they can look forward to a sustainable future.